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Cracked TileCracked tiles, cracked bricks, uneven floors, cracks in the sheetrock can all be warning signs for foundational problems. If you spot these signs, don't put it off any longer, contact one of our professionals team members.


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Causes of Foundation Problems

If you’ve been living in Houston for several years, you would definitely be aware of the problems the soil can create for your foundation. The city’s location along the Texas Coastal Plain’s northern part makes its soil thick, clay soil with a low infiltration capacity. This expansive soil can cause negative effects on the foundation of residential structures. 

While cracking sheetrock, brick veneer, and sticking doors denote possible foundation damage, it is critical to identify the underlying issues first. And for that, it is important to conduct a detailed evaluation to analyze the actual situation. Clay soil expansion, poor soil compaction, intense heat, poor drainage, and dry tree roots are some of the most obvious causes of foundation damage according to a study from Project Hope Foundation

Read on to understand the reason why foundation problems are prevalent in Houston:

Expansive Clay Soil

Texas soil has a unique, sponge-like structure. This expansive soil, usually known as gumbo, is one of the major causes of foundation movement. Your residential property’s foundation tends to shift with the expansion and contraction of clay soil. It loses some ground every time the soil shrinks and then expands again. The reason being the soil does not have enough moisture to expand properly. 

So what happens when heavy rains or storms hit the area? Clay soil has a great capacity to retain water. This makes the soil expand quickly and leads to severe foundation problems. 

Tree Roots

Homeowners are partly responsible for some of the issues that weaken their residential property’s foundation. Inefficient lawn watering procedures are another major cause of foundation problems. A large tree’s roots may require nearly 150 gallons of water on a daily basis. If you don’t water your lawn properly, dry or dehydrated tree roots can take moisture away from the soil. The reduced moisture content can make the soil dry, shrink, and settle.

Inefficient Plumbing

When cast iron plumbing loses its functionality with time, moisture tends to accumulate beneath a home’s foundation. Think PVC plumbing doesn’t cause foundation problems? Well, poorly glued connections and broken fittings can develop leaks and cracks and cause moisture accumulation beneath your foundation. This moisture may cause severe foundation problems as certain areas are wet while the other soils are absolutely dry.

It is a known fact that the expansive soil in Houston can create serious foundation issues for property owners. And that’s why it is vital to hire a specialized foundation repair company to keep your home protected from serious, lasting foundation damage. 

One call to Jasper Foundations and Slab Repair can solve your foundational issues for good.